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Design your very own dream cushions that perfectly suit your needs. With high-end fabrics and exclusive trimmings.

What about exquisite cashmere cushions? Velvet cushions made of high-end cotton? Manufactured with select fabrics from Loro Piana? Cushions made from the exclusive Linton Tweed Gabrielle already used for her Chanel Couture? Or a variety of additional high-end fabrics we have selected specially for you.

To that, romantic floral ornaments, exquisite feathers, playful pompons, fine tassels or an elegant velvet piping? The choice is yours.


We will be delighted to make your wishes come true. 


Produced By Truly Traditional Manual Methods

Harris Tweed  - Clo Mor (Gaelic for ‘The Big Cloth’) – is the only cloth produced by truly traditional and complex manual methods. Its complexity starts with the yarn. Unusually, the uncombed wool is dyed into 46 basic colors before being spun, and up to eight colors to be blended into the yarn. The resulting color gradations and mottled yarns let a connoisseur immediately distinguish Harris Tweed from other tweed fabrics.

Loro Piana

A True Passion For The Noblest Of Natural Fibers

Capitalizing on six generations of tradition and innovation in textile, Loro Piana’s fine cashmere and exquisite wools offer the perfect look and feel for interiors during winter times. They are specially designed to create sophisticated upholstery and exclusive accessories that lend a warm atmosphere to city residences as well as mountain homes. Iconic fabrics blending tradition and expertise.

Linton Tweeds_L30372.jpg

The World’s Most Innovative Fabrics

In 1912 Scotsman William Linton started Linton Mill in the Caldewgate area of Carlisle, a small city situated close to the Scottish border and near the famous Lake District. William Linton’s great friend, Captain Molyneux, was a Parisian couturier who in the 1920s introduced him to a dynamic young lady called Coco Chanel. This began an association which has flourished over the years resulting in the house of Chanel being Linton’s biggest and most prestigious customer.


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Create Your Dream Cushions

Create Your Dream Cushions

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